Barless Container Liners

Our Barless Liner eliminates the steel bar supports required with conventional liners, maximizing your savings.

Experience the Benefits of AsiaTek’s Patented Barless Container Liners

Originally developed and certified for GE Plastics, since 2005, hundreds of thousand of our patented barless container liners have been used, saving millions of dollars in shipping costs for our customers. We know change is difficult, but the savings is to large to ignore. Therefore, we are there with you through every stage of the qualification process. We work with your installation and bulk loading crews, then follow the loaded container to it’s destination to work with the discharge crew. We do this repeatedly until everyone is confident and smiling.

Talk with us. Let us visit you and your facility. If you send us your liner specs beforehand, we can bring a barless liner for you to see.

Similar liner retention systems to the top-fill-bulk-liner are employed–namely self adhesive strips along the bottom of the liner or restraining flaps at the end of the liner.

Using Our Barless Container Liners Saves Time and Money

The cost of five steel bars for each liner installation is a large portion of the total liner cost. So is the time it takes to install them. Our Barless Liner can reduce that cost by up to 35%, or more. See More >

Use of AsiaTek’s Patented Barless Container Liner is Trusted

The AsiaTek Barless Liner method is incorporated into the Association of American Railroads (AAR) “Intermodal Loading Guide for Products in Closed Trailers and Containers” when revised. Read the AAR approval letter here.