Fill & Discharge Systems

Discharge Rigs – Easily and quickly attached to the back of a container, AsiaTek’s discharge rigs provide an additional layer of safety as well as a platform for your hopper.

Hoppers – Built to your specifications, our stainless steel hoppers allow for complete discharge from both sides of the container, eliminating the need to open the liner and shovel residual product into the rotary valve.

Fill Systems – We supply a wide array of fill systems, from simple to complex. Our engineers will come to your site to assist in evaluating what best suits your needs, then follow the project to completion.

Container Lifts – Truck Scales – Vibrators – Rotary Valves – Blowers – Vacuums – Silos – We can help from choice to completion and we ship discharge rigs & hoppers worldwide.

Custom Built For Your Needs – Support for Your Success

Guaranteed satisfaction for you and your customers, allowing you to save time, save money and boost safety.

  • We work directly with your engineers and your installation & fill station people to insure material, belts, straps, windows and fill ports are exactly what is needed to create the most efficient and economical liner design.
  • During testing, we follow the filled liners to your customer to inspect liner integrity and to make sure the liner and discharge ports are as effective as possible.
  • Our constant follow-up with both you and your customer adds another knowledgeable voice to your packaging management.