Custom Built Bags and Liners

Guaranteed Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs) for You and Your Customers

AsiaTek’s bags and liners are constructed with 100% virgin polypropylene or polyethylene. We weave the fabric according to the weight necessary to meet your load and safety requirements. The fabric is UV protected and in most cases, laminated for extra protection.

All bag types are available. What’s important is that you get what you want, when you want it – at an affordable price. That’s our job and we take it seriously. We know you can buy bags anywhere, so we take the extra steps to make sure you and your customers are delighted all around.

Contact us with your specs or design ideas. We will work with you to produce the bag that meets your needs.

Types of Bags and Liners Available

  • Baffled*
  • Four-Panel*
  • Tubular
  • Hard-Wall
  • PVC
  • Spread Strap
  • Barrel
  • Static
  • Hazmat

Baffled Bulk Bags

Baffled Bulk Bags are the preferred bag for container and trailer shipping. They provide a more square, box like shape that allows for a wider, more stable bag, easier to fit side by side in a container.

Bulk Bags with PE Liner

Bulk Bags using a polyethylene liner are used primarily for fine powder type product. The interior liner provides an extra degree of protection against humidity.