Silo-To-Silo Packaging Solutions

AsiaTek provides comprehensive silo-to-silo consulting and packaging solutions. We’ll work with you and your customers to ensure the most effective and economical packaging solution and the most efficient means of fill and discharge. Our worldwide service ensures that you and your customers have a container liner, bulk bag and/or fill and discharge system that is the most efficient, effective and economical solution available in the industry.

Partnering With The Best

Through our corporate alliances with the world’s best equipment suppliers, AsiaTek offers you a wide selection of solutions. While working with your selected suppliers, we strive to expedite completion of your customized packaging solution. Though customizable, the typical process is as follows:

  • Initial Consultation: An Asiatek representative will provide an on-site process and equipment analysis.
  • Recommendations: AsiaTek will prepare a loading and/or discharge equipment recommendation, including input from the sources.
  • Installation: AsiaTek will coordinate the supply and installation of all equipment throughout the implementation and start-up process.
  • We work with leading industrial design engineering firms to ensure positive results.
Asiatek packaging solutions

Container Liners

Whether patented Barless or Conventional, we work with your team on the line and your customers worldwide to ensure the perfect fit and satisfaction.


    • Lower Shipping Cost
    • Lower Handling Cost
    • Up to 20 tons per liner
    • Clean Environment
    • Quick Assembly
Asiatek Liner 4
Asiatek Liner 3
Asiateck Liner 1
Asiateck Liner 2

FIBC / Bulk Bags

Types Available: Baffled*, Four-Panel*, Tubular, Hard-Wall, PVC, Spread, Strap, Barrel, Static, Hazmat *Most Common

Asiatek Baffled Bulk Bags 1

Baffled Bulk Bags

Baffled Bulk Bags are the preferred bag for container and trailer shipping. They provide a more square, box like shape that allows for a wider, more stable bag, easier to fit side by side in a container.

Asiatek Bulk Bags with PE Liner 1

Bulk Bags with PE Liner

Bulk Bags using a polyethylene liner are used primarily for fine powder type product. The interior liner provides an extra degree of protection against humidity.

Container Discharge Systems

Silo to Silo Design, Production, Implementation

Single or Dual Swing Arm Hoists

Portable or Permanent Lifts

Container Discharge Rigs

Fits both Standard and High-Cube Containers Your Design or Ours

Asiatek Container Discharge Rigs 1
Asiatek Container Discharge Rigs 2

Stainless Steel Hoppers

Your Design or Ours

Asiatek Stainless Steel Hoppers 1
Asiatek Stainless Steel Hoppers 2